Installing Nail


Step 1. Install PHP

If you don't already have a PHP web server environment up and running:

  • install PHP 5.3.0 or above – I use WAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP on Windows) – see  (whatever implementation of PHP you use, ensure that it is version 5.3.0 or above – this version is where sqlite3 support starts)
  • ensure that php_sqlite3 extension is enabled (it may not be enabled by default)

Step 2. Install the Nail Web Client

  • from the downloaded Nail zip file, copy the contents of the 'server' folder to a php web folder (create one called 'nail' eg. c:\wamp\www\nail)
  • open a webbrowser and enter the url to the mapControl.php within the folder you created (eg.http://localhost/nail/mapControl.php)

… and the map should appear!

Step 3. Setup the Nail data loading environment

  • from the downloaded Nail zip file, copy the 'loader' folder and its contents to your PC (windows only)
  • open the load_data_example.bat file in a text editor (eg. notepad). This is a standard windows batch file. The REM comments in this file explain how it works. Go to Nail data loading script for more information on data loading.
  • modify the .bat file as required
  • run the bat file by double clicking on it – this will create the Nail database (gis.db) and if you want it to, you can also make it copy/ftp the database to your webserver.