Nail Development Plan


The following is the development plan for Nail:


  • Coming Soon in v3.4:  I am working on a quick loader, allowing the user to point to a directory containing shapefiles and load them all in in one go, while also generating the loader.bat at the same time.


  • I have started working on a network tracing tool that will allow upstream and downstream traces to be carried out on line layers within the nail database. This tool will allow the user to carry out an upstream or downstream trace on say a river or sewer network and have the results of the trace displayed on the Nail map.


  • Future: ArcGIS plugin that will allow you to export your current map document (.mxd) to Nail. This will allow you to export all vector layers in your .mxd (shapefile, PGDB, FGDB or SDE)  to Nail format at the click of a button. Symbology and labels will automatically be transferred from .mxd to Nail.