Nail Known Issues


Version 3.3

No issues to date.

Version 3.2

The loader tools do not currently accept spaces within an argument even if double or single quotes are used (except for the NailExecuteSQL tool). This problem will be fixed in version 3.3. For example you will be able to specify a layer name with spaces in it and surround the layer name with double quotes.

Version 3.1

If you load in a big shapefile (eg. more than 100,000 shapes), the map may be very slow to return or not return at all. This is because by default, NailShapeLoader turns labels on for every layer loaded. Lables take longer to draw, especially when there are large numbers of them and a bottleneck may result. This will be fixed in future releases. The work around is to add the following line to the end of your load_data.bat file:

NailExecuteSQL gis.db update nail_layers set layer_labels=0

This will turn off labels for all layers. Alternatively you can just turn off labels for a selected layer using:

NailExecuteSQL gis.db update nail_layers set layer_labels=0 where layer_name = 'your_layer_name'

or make the labels scale dependant:

NailExecuteSQL gis.db update nail_layers set max_label_scale=5000 where layer_name = 'your_layer_name'

(note the max_label_scale must be in the units of you data – eg. for above example, if your data is in meters, labels will not display when the width of the map is > 5000m)